Advanced Selenium Class (february 2019)

The class happened over 1 weekend, on February 13 and 14.

12 students attended it.

First day was dedicated to learning object oriented concepts in Java:

  • class

  • object

  • constructor

  • method overriding

  • method overloading

  • inheritance

  • abstract classes

  • interfaces

  • using abstract classes and interfaces

The second day focused on applying object oriented concepts in Selenium projects for

  • creating a base test class

  • creating a base page class

  • breaking down page classes in page component classes

  • creating custom locators

  • creating custom expected conditions

  • driver factory class

  • creating a custom driver class

  • creating html element classes

  • loadable component

Lots and lots of code was reviewed in day 2 with many examples covering each topic.

See below a few opinions about the training:

I really liked the topics covered in advanced Selenium course. As I started developing my test scripts, my code was having many lines(close to 400 lines) but now I can break my code and make multiple classes.

I learned lots of new concept which I was always having questions in mind in past.

Overall I like the course and would recommend to my friends. And I would like to attend any future classes which will covered more advanced topics.

—  Vikas