This is a classroom bootcamp for testers that want to upgrade their skills with Java programming and Selenium WebDriver test automation.

No prior programming or automation knowledge is needed.

The bootcamp will provide you with everything that is needed so that you can write test automation scripts.

It is 100% hands-on, with lots of exercises that you will do under the supervision of the instructor.

It takes place over 7 weekends, on Sunday only.

Each attendant will get the course training manual.

The instructor is available for any emails related to the course.

Price: $1500

Early Bird: $1200 (until September 1)

Is it Good for You ?

​If you answer YES to all these questions,

  • Do you want to upgrade your testing skills with Java programming and Selenium WebDriver test automation?

  • You tried learning Java and Selenium by yourself and got nowhere

  • Do you want to learn in a classroom with a experienced teacher?

  • Do you want fast results?

  • Do you want to get responses from companies with testing/automation job openings?

  • Do you want to get calls from recruiters instead of you calling them?

  • Do you really, really, really (3 times) want to learn Selenium test automation?

then the bootcamp is for you!



  • Basics of HTML 

  • What is the Browser DOM

  • Browser Inspectors

  • Create element locators with XPATH and CSS

2. JAVA 

  • Set up your development environment (Eclipse, JAVA JRE)

  • Create your first Java application

  • Variables, basic types, operators, IF statement, SWITCH statement, Strings

  • Arrays and lists

  • Looping statements (FOR, WHILE, DO WHILE)

  • Classes and objects

  • Class inheritance and composition

  • Packages

  • Exceptions

  • Create a unit test

  • Annotations

  • Fixtures

  • Assertions

  • Groups

  • Priorities

  • Data Providers

  • TestNG.xml

  • Test Listeners

  • Create the browser driver and start the browser

  • Use the Chrome and Firefox drivers

  • Open and interact with the site (get url, title, page source, navigate through history, manage browser window)

  • Find element and elements using the WebElement type

  • Get page title, url, page source

  • Get element info (text, attributes, visibility, style)

  • Synchronize the tests with the site through Expected Conditions and Explicit Waits

  • Interact with lists

  • Interact with elements using Javascript

  • Take screenshots

  • Interact with modal windows

  • Implement complex user actions with the Actions class

  • Work with browser cookies

  • Structure your automation code as per the Page Object Model

  • Create page classes

  • Create page element classes

  • Create a Maven automation project

What Do You Get?

  • Practical test automation skills to use for your job

  • To graduate, you have to build your own full test automation project using a site of your choice; the instructor will support and guide you along the project

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Job referral

  • Graduation gift package (laptop bag, coffee mug, diploma, Selenium WebDriver books)