Frequently asked questions

Why is the test automation bootcamp for Java?

There are multiple reasons for choosing Java as the Selenium test automation programming language: 1. Java is the most popular language for Selenium automation. Approximately 65% of all Selenium downloads are done for Java. 2. The Selenium bindings for Java are probably the most complete compared with the bindings for the other languages. 3. Most of the Selenium study materials (blogs, books, videos) are created for Java. 4. Most of the Selenium automation job openings in Vancouver are for Java. 5. Java is still the most on-demand programming language worldwide.

My company uses C# for development. Should I use C#?

The application programming language does not have to be the same with the test automation language. There are advantages of using the same language for both the business apps and the test automation such as 1. The test automation project can use classes and packages from the core development project 2. The test automation developers can ask the application developer for help and advice 3. The same development processes and tools are used by all teams But even with these advantages, it is very possible to keep the application development and the test automation on different languages.

I cannot afford the 4 days bootcamp. Are there other cheaper versions?

I am planning on having later in the year 2 days bootcamps for people that are comfortable with Java and just need to learn the Selenium WebDriver library. Private lessons are also available on a limited basis. Please contact me for additional details.

How can I do the payment?

coming soon...

Is the bootcamp only for testers?

The bootcamp can be taken by anyone, not only by testers. It does not require any pre-existing knowledge about programming or test automation. Familiarity with web browsers and web sites is desired.

What do I need to attend the bootcamp?

You need a laptop running Windows 7 or 10 that can connect on a private WIFI. The Chrome browser is used for running the test automation scripts. Eclipse and Java JDK will be needed for creating the test automation scripts. Maven is needed for running the automation tests from command prompt. A detailed set up guide will be provided by the bootcamp instructor with step-by-step instructions for setting up your laptop.

How hands-on is the bootcamp?

The bootcamp is 100% hands-on. Practice exercises will be done after each chapter and their solutions reviewed together for feedback and good practices. Lots of homework will be provided in the 2 weeks break between the first 2 and the last 2 training days. A full project must be completed to graduate.