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Java programming training for your QA team.

Selenium test automation training for your manual testers.

Get Started with Test Automation for Your Business

Create your first automation project for your business.

Start running high priority automated tests any time you like.

Integrate Automated Tests in CI/CD

Don't run the automated tests locally.

Add them in Jenkins so anyone can run them all the time.

Selenium WebDriver Consulting

How good is your existing test automation project?


Do you need help with difficult scenarios to automate?


Java training for QA teams

For your manual testers to bring more value to their projects, they need to be able to automate the manual test cases that they work on.

After each manual test case is verified as successful, the tester should automate it through a Selenium script.

This way, in the future, only a fraction of time will be needed for re-executing the same test case.

Running the automation test instead of executing the manual test case will free the tester's time so that he/she can execute more creative testing. 

Test automation requires coding knowledge and skills in a language such as Java.

This on-premise training assumes that the manual testers do not have any preexisting knowledge about Java.

It covers all Java concepts needed in a test automation project.


This training is a prerequisite for the Selenium automation training for QA teams.


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Selenium automation training for QA teams

The test automation for a website is done by writing code in a programming language such as Java.

The Selenium WebDriver framework provides the interaction with the website in the browser for actions such as the following ones:

  1. open the site in the browser

  2. find a web element

  3. click on a web element

  4. type a keyword in a textbox

  5. interact with a listbox

  6. interact with elements from iframes and browser tabs

  7. synchronize tests with the site

  8. interact with popups and modals

This on-site training covers the Selenium WebDriver framework in detail so that, at the end of it, manual testers and QA analysts can write automation tests by themselves.

Additional topics that are included in the course are

  1. unit testing with the TestNG framework

  2. how to structure the automation code using the Page Object Model

  3. how to create a custom automation framework


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Implement your first test automation project

Having test automation implemented for your website can have big benefits for your development projects:

  1. It could be used to validate that all new development builds are good for testing.

  2. It could validate that your website is up and running at all times.

  3. It could also save lots of time for the QA team if most of the repetitive tests are automated.


But you may not have any test automation engineers in your team.

And need test automation implemented soon.

If your company does not have any test automation in place yet and wants to get started, we can do it together.

The automation project will include 


  1.  a test automation framework

  2. automated tests for all high priority user scenarios

  3. integration of the automated tests in continuous integration


Maintenance, support and training can be added to this service.

Integrate your test automation scripts in continuous integration

If your automated tests can only be run on local computers, they are not very useful.

Everyone from the development and test teams should be able to run them any time they like.

They should work on any environment:

  1. dev

  2. test

  3. staging

  4. production

They should work on local computers, virtual machines and Docker containers and on any browser.

The automated tests should also run unattended over the night or as part of the build deployment process.


Is your test automation project going in the right direction?

  1. Do your automated tests need a lot of maintenance and changes every time there are changes in the website?

  2. Are your automated tests failing a lot?

  3. Are your automated tests unstable and fragile?

  4. Do you need an additional opinion of how good your test automation project is?

I can help you if you have any of these questions.

I will review your automation project in detail and evaluate its design, code quality and attendance to good automation practices. 


After that, I will provide a report with suggestions for improvement.

If required, I can also help your team with the implementation of the suggestions.

Need more information?

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