Implementing SELENIUM tests in CI/CD (Jenkins or Azure Devops) should be a core skill for any SDET.

Why do I say this?

Because the Selenium tests are only useful if they are used by other people.

Manual testers need to be able to run the Selenium tests any time they get a new build or feature to verify that the regression tests are still working.

Developers need to be able to run the Selenium tests unattended every time a new application build is deployed on the test or dev environments.

You also need to be able to run your Selenium tests often to be sure that they are stable.

And the same Selenium tests should be executed on a multitude of environments, operating systems and browsers.


All these are made possible by implementing the Selenium tests in CI/CD.


And you, the SDET, should do it instead of the DEVOPS engineer because you need this ability in any automation project that you will work on in the future.

This tutorial covers running Selenium JAVA tests in AZURE DEVOPS using pipelines.

It starts with writing the Selenium Java tests, then continues with running them in Eclipse and Command Prompt. After an introduction in running Selenium tests in Docker containers, it focuses on creating and running Azure Devops pipelines for the Selenium tests.

The tutorial does not explain any of the technologies involved (Selenium, Java, TestNG, Maven, Docker, Azure Devops) in detail. Good knowledge of all technologies except Azure Devops is assumed.

Its purpose is to provide information on how to use Selenium, TestNG, Maven and Docker to create Azure Devops test automation pipelines.

The JAVA language is used for the automation code because JAVA is still the most on-demand language for Selenium test automation.

AZURE DEVOPS is preferred to Jenkins because anyone can use its full features for free in the cloud.

The first 4 chapters are available for free below.

If you are interested in the whole tutorial, you can have it for USD 10 that should be paid by Paypal to


If you are interested in the same tutorial for C# tests instead of Java, please email me.


JAN 2020