• Alex

5 warning signs that your testing career is in danger

Do you ever worry about the future of your testing career? 

Are you asking yourself sometimes if you are doing the right things? 

Do you have a feeling  that you should make changes soon but you don't know which ones to start with?

If the future of your testing career worries you, there are signs that indicate if it is in danger.


The first 6 months of a new job are exciting. You learn new things about the company, the team, the development process and the applications to be tested. 

After a while, everything you do becomes as familiar as your name. You know your tasks so well that you can do them with your eyes closed. Nothing excites you any longer so you decide that it is time to move on and find another job.

You update your resume and start applying to new job opportunities. Sometimes you get invited to interviews, other times you don't. A few months passed since you started to look for a new job and you are still looking.

Not finding fast a new job is a signal that something is not going well with your testing career.

Why can't you find another job?

Maybe because ............