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How do I learn the Selenium testing tool?

I never get tired of saying this.

Selenium WebDriver is not a tool. It is a library to be used with a programming language.

QTP/UFT is a tool. Test Complete is a tool. Ranorex is a tool.

The difference between a tool and a library is that, while you can use the tool by itself, you cannot do that with a library.

The tool allows you to record-and-play (bad idea), to write code for a test, to run the test and generate a test report.

The library does not do any of these by itself.

You have to use a programming language first.

Then, with the programming language and the library, you can run the tests, execute them and generate the test reports.

So how do you learn the Selenium testing tool?

  1. Leave Selenium aside for now

  2. Learn JAVA first (or other programming language)

  3. Come back to Selenium and create tests with it and the programming language that you know

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