• Alex

I don't have time

I heard recently the owner of a dog saying that he does not have time to walk the dog.

The dog is young and just had a surgery to correct severe problems in the knee. The surgery was 3-4 months ago so the healing is complete. The rehab lasted 3 months during which the puppy was restricted from running, jumping and playing.

You would assume that the dog owner chooses to take it very slow with his puppy given the recent surgery and just walks the puppy a lot. No! He trains the puppy to fetch the ball instead because the dog needs to get back to his normal life.

Fetching is not exactly a safe play for puppies, especially if they had knee surgery. Still, this person prefers it to walking which is totally safe because .... he does not have the time to walk the dog.

Walking the dog is safer and the best exercise for the puppy. And for his owner.

But the owner has no time.

Even if the puppy may hurt himself doing fetching which would require another surgery and rehab.

You probably expect patiently (thank you) for me to make my point.

What has this in common with Java, Selenium and test automation?