• Alex

Manual testers can learn test automation

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

This is a real story.

It was beginning of April, 2018.

I was getting ready for my first test automation boot camp taught in a classroom environment.

In the weeks before the boot camp, I contacted several local manual testers on LinkedIn letting them know of the training in case they might be interested in learning Java and Selenium WebDriver.

One of them messaged me back. I will call him John (not his real name).

He wanted to confirm that, after 5 days of training, he would be able to do test automation by himself. We talked on the phone about it and , satisfied with my answers, agreed to meet next day to discuss more.

Next day, during our discussion, he asked if I can guarantee that he would be able to get a job after taking the training.

My answer was not exactly what he expected.

I cannot guarantee something like this.

I can guarantee that anyone who attends all training days will learn a lot of new and useful things such as Java basics, unit testing, how to use the Selenium WebDriver library and the page object model.

But just attending the training sessions is not sufficient.

To have a good chance of getting a job, each student has to study all training materials, work hard, be patient, do all exercises and practice a lot after the completion of the training.