• Alex

Should I learn Selenium if everyone knows it? Or learn something else?

In other words, what is the alternative for Selenium for a test engineer?

Selenium is very common these days and most testers seem to know it.
Why should I learn Selenium like everyone else?

This is a question that I received recently from a manual tester.

I understand it in the following way.

There are too many testers that know Selenium so the market for Selenium roles is very crowded.
I should look around for something else, new and shiny, that not many people are doing yet.
Then, I will be able to find a good job and have a new future.

Lets assume that the tester finds the next thing, tool or technology, learns it and gets a job for it.

He is probably not the only person that thinks this way so sooner or later, others will follow. The market for your new skills will get crowded as well.

What to do now?

Look for something else again?