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Time for training? Now

I had a tough time recently deciding what is the right moment to go through leg surgery on my puppy.

He was born with hip dysplasia on the back legs which is not something that can be cured with drugs.

The puppy can live with the hip problems but sooner or later they lead to arthritis. Arthritis is also not curable with drugs and the pain can be so bad that the puppy may refuse to walk.

This means a life with lots of discomfort and pain. And of course, limitations, not much going to the dog park, not much playing with other dogs, not much running.

In these conditions, we were asking ourselves at the end of May what is the best time for the surgery. Is the best time in June? Summer will be hot, there will be no vacation this year but at least everyone was available.

Or should we delay to the fall? Or maybe next year? The puppy was ok, there was no emergency so we could have waited.

If we waited to the fall or next year, there would be of course no improvement in the medical condition. On the contrary, degradation would have happened. Which would make using anti-inflammatory drugs mandatory.

So then why wait? The surgery was the same regardless of the season, the rehab the same, the hospital the same. The only difference would have been the degradation of the condition and the discomfort of the puppy.

So we went ahead.

The rehab was incredibly difficult but ... 12 weeks later, we are back to our normal life and the left leg looks very different from the right one. We can again go on 1 hour walks, the puppy seems to be doing very well so the decision was the right one.

What does this have to do with training in Java and Selenium?

You are probably thinking about training because you know that you need these skills. You may be interested in expanding your toolbox with programming and automation skills. Or you may want to become a technical tester. Or a developer.

Should you start your training now? Or wait until the spring? Or wait until the time is right, what ever this means (when is the time right)?

I am assuming that there is some urgency about acquiring the new skills or you would not be interested in them at all.

If you wait starting learning them, what would happen? Your skills stay the same, your situation is the same, you cannot do more at work, you cannot look for different or new jobs with more success.

Also, things change while you wait. Companies will become even more demanding about the skills that they need. Technology will keep advancing as well. The gap between where you are and where you should be will increase.

The training is the same regardless of when you do it. It will not be easier now or later. The same amount of grit, motivation, energy is needed to succeed.

But, you could also do the training now.

Yes, the training will not be easy and it will be very demanding of your time, energy, motivation, focus and money. But at the end of it, it is done, it is in the past and the new you is ready for new good things. You may ask for more challenging work at the office. You may be ready for applying for more interesting and better paid jobs. You will be ready for adding more skills on top of the newly acquired ones.

At the end of the training, you will be very happy that you took the right decision and did not postpone.

And trust me, training yourself in Java and Selenium is hard but not that hard.

Just compare it with keeping a 1 year old puppy quiet, not playing, not jumping, not running for 3 months.

Yes, that was Waffles's situation from June to September.

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