• Alex

What are the best test automation tools?

For Websites

1. Selenium WebDriver

2. Selenium WebDriver

3. Selenium WebDriver


20. Selenium WebDriver

For Windows apps

1. Ranorex

  • belongs to a company that does only 1 thing only, the Ranorex automation app

  • very-very professional staff, everyone is a developer

  • awesome and free training resources

  • awesome forum with tons of feedback, code samples and solutions

  • no dealing with offshore, unqualified customer support

  • fast solutions provided

  • worked like a charm for me in multiple cases where UFT would not install or would not recognize elements

2. UFT

  • belongs to HP

  • i dont wish anyone dealing with the HP customer support; waited once for 6 months for a load runner solution

  • unqualified customer support

  • it does